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Sylvania #3 replacement flashbulb

Sylvania # 3 flashbulb: Manufactured during the 1950 to 1970’s. This flashbulb, also known as the Sylvania type 3 flashbulb was one of the largest flashbulbs available during this time. This flashbulb also had a ES medium screw base and was 2 7/8” (71mm) in diameter and 6” (150mm) in length.

Philips made a flashbulb called the Philips Photoflux P100 which was similar to the Sylvania #3 flashbulb.

Meggaflash also make an equivalent of this large flashbulb called the Meggaflash PF300 flashbulb. This flashbulb is in production at Meggaflash’s facility today.