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Safety information for flashbulb users

Safety Matters!

The manufacturer recommends that the advice printed below and printed on packaging be read and heeded prior to handling or using flashbulbs of any make or type:

Flashbulbs should never be stored within the potential reach of infants, children or pets.

1. Eye Protection:

Prior to opening carton / box containing flashbulbs, the user and all persons in the immediate vicinity of the flashbulb should always wear eye protection such as safety spectacles;

2. Static Electricity :

Flashbulbs can be ignited by static electricity. Static electricity can easily be accumulated in clothing, furniture and fittings. The user should always discharge static electricity prior to handling Flashbulbs by earthing to an electrical ground terminal to discharge any accumulated static on clothing, etc. Any fittings or furniture coming into contact with Flashbulbs should be earthed to reduce the risk of static discharge igniting the Flashbulbs. Never carry Flashbulbs in your pockets - ignition could produce serious burn! 

3. Heat:

Never use Flashbulbs in explosive atmospheres! Flashbulbs can be extremely hot to the touch during and after flashing. Use protective gloves when handling hot Flashbulbs.

4. Safety indicator Spot:

Flashbulbs have an indicator spot applied to either the stem or the globe of the bulb. The spot is normally blue in colour. If this spot is pink, the bulb may be damaged due to poor handling or impact outside the control of the manufacturer and should not be used because of the risk of the bulb shattering during flashing!

5. Safety Coating:

A safety coating of lacquer is applied to the glass part of most Flashbulbs. If this coating is damaged or is removed, the Flashbulb may shatter during flashing. The manufacturer strongly recommends that such bulbs should never be used and should be crushed immediately to avoid accidental flashing / shattering of the bulb and potentially causing injury to people or other living creatures in the vicinity.

6. Storage:

Keep Flashbulbs in original cartons / packaging until ready to use. Flashbulbs should not be exposed to sunlight or stored in locations of potential heat build up such as in automobile cabs exposed to sunlight or adjacent to heat emitters, x-ray emitters or microwave emitters because of the danger of ignition. Never carry Flashbulbs in your pockets - ignition could cause serious burns!

7. Safety during general use:

The manufacturer recommends that a transparent safety shield be always placed between the Flashbulb and any living subject, but most especially in close-up photography situations.

8. Power Sources:

Use dry cell batteries or low voltage power sources. Never use domestic or C utility supplied electricity to ignite Flashbulbs because of the risk of serious shock!

9. Disposal:

Used Flashbulbs should be crushed and disposed of in the same manner as used electric light bulbs and in accordance with local laws and regulations.

10. Disposal of damaged or faulty bulbs:

Damaged or faulty bulbs should be immediately crushed to eliminate the danger of random flashing due to static or other source of accidental or unplanned ignition. The debris should be disposed of in the same manner as used electric light bulbs and in accordance with local laws and regulations. 

Enjoy the advantages of Flashbulbs with consideration for your own safety and the safety of others!