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Meggaflash Bulbs

Meggaflash Technologies Ltd is the only manufacturer of large photographic operating today. 

Meggaflash manufactures three main types of single use flashbulbs: PF330 Floodflash; PF200 Medium Peak; and PF300 Slow Peak . We also design and manufacture special flashbulbs for particular customer requirements. We sell flashbulbs direct to customers world-wide, including America, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, South Africa and Sweden.


Contrary to what many believe, flashbulbs are still being manufactured today! The flashbulb is now being put to many diverse uses: large / medium format photography; caving; high speed photography in destructive testing; explosion research; vehicle testing; aircraft engine testing; turbine testing and stage and film production, to name but a few.

If you want to see what flashbulbs can do to enhance photography, have a look at some of the excellent caving sites. These caving sites not only give useful info on the practical use of flashbulbs, they also show some of the most spectacular shots ever taken with flashbulbs.

Meggaflash flashbulbs have been used for special effects and period effects in many film and theatre productions such as the "Ali" movie and "Phantom of the Opera".

For it's relatively small size, the humble flashbulb carries more light output power than many other portable light sources. Awesome!

PF200 bulbs from Meggaflash Technologies

Slow Peak PF300 from Meggaflash Technologies

Slow Peak PF330 flashbulbs from Meggaflash Technologies

Flashbulbs for special effects